How is influence perpetuated throughout the masses?  Not by any direct message, but by the use of natural energy forces:  what we are starting to realize with studies on quantum mechanics.  No reality is true, only the possibilities of each reality – until it is observed, forcing it to make a decision.  This establishes each building block of “the present moment”, constructing the story of linear time.  The key is the observation:  what decision will be made at the time of observation?  This is determined by the needs – unconscious, required needs – of the spirit within man at the time of the event.  Therefore, destiny is predetermined, yes, but within a short period of time prior to its occurrence.  

The unconscious – and collective consciousness – is the awake state.  The physical is the creation of it, and is actually its dream state.  We work things out here in order to grow there… but the physical world is only a dream.  Reality is experienced from the perspective of the current state – either one or the other, but both seem to think they are the only true reality.  


Art - symbolism of an expression, often an instant communication that does not require logic to understand...

I wonder if the decomposition of the images made of the world surrounding us is incorrectly described as abstract.  Really, are we looking at a visual interpretation that can be understood, the idea or "feeling" of a time and place that can communicates with the viewer through the energy it emanates?  Do the parts need to be part of a whole in order to exist, or can the subconscious reconstruct its reality without the logical mind's assistance?


Objectivity is the capacity to observe what is usually only experienced.  The only way to do this is to question – so during the subjective experience, a question forms about the experience itself, and to answer the question, the consciousness must take an objective role to do so.

This is what I imagine created the physical world.  Our existence is a result of a consciousness that questioned and suddenly became aware of itself.  In so doing, the wave pattern became dots – we are those dots, the broken apart minuscule particles of ONE consciousness.  Just as in quantum reality, the very act of observation changes the pattern, changes the relationship, changes the reality of what is observed.

It seems like the human/physical experience is one of the smallest parts of an echo.  Just like when you look at the reflection of a mirror directly in front of another mirror, you see an infinite tunnel of mirrors – we are one of the small ones, way in the center.  The first consciousness observed itself, creating the change in pattern of existence – then every dot observed itself again, changing its wave existence to a dot, then that dot observed itself and broke itself apart, ect ect. 

A soul that has lived many incarnations will have experienced much pain, the pain creating lessons that provides it wisdom – however the sadness left from the pain felt will remain until the soul learns to appreciate why he had to experience the pain at all.

Welcome to my thoughts and musings.  

     These are the remnants of understanding I am able to grasp in consciousness, knowing full well that it is a very small portion compared to my meditative and unconscious states.   When I started to paint in the style you know, I asked my muse to use my hands and feed my mind... and so started a lengthy log of what I call "automatic writing".  This is what feeds my art.  Sometimes it's poetic, sometimes analytical... but very much an insight into the thoughts and feelings behind the images you see.