"The Carnaval Red” series evolved from the last body of work (“Persona”, based on psychologist Carl Jung’s theory of personality archetypes). It is a reflection on the social masks we have created in our everyday lives based upon generations of habits and beliefs on what is right and what is wrong, and what we determine should be shown and what should be hidden from others.  It speaks of our integration of superficiality with human nature, and how this reconstructed nature has formed us over time – for better and for worse.  This series is a reflection not only on who we really are versus who we have created/evolved ourselves to be, but also a deeper questioning of what human nature truly is, and the differences between the human animal and those in the wild.  Who are we?  What, if anything, sets us apart from other life on this planet?



"Persona" is born of the artist's reflection on the hidden parts of the self, and the facet of our personalities we display, as well as the relationship between the human consciousness and spiritual instinct.  It is based on readings and personal studies of famed psychologist Carl Gustav Jung’s study of the psyche, specifically that of the Jungian archetypes. What we see are digitally altered photographic images integrated with mixed media painting, revealing distorted and dreamlike images of people and landscapes. Written words from her poems are fit into the painting in a collage fashion.